Emission Control

Welcome to our MobyDick Wheel Wash, Demucking and Dust Control Portal

Founded in 1985 the MobyDick brand has engineered and manufactured durable, reliable, high performance wheel-wash and truck cleaning systems for more than 3 decades and installed over 4,000 systems all over the world. In addition, various special machines known as Demucking Systems to clean construction equipment, have been developed. Complementary MobyDick also offers wide range of leading dust control solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. All our products are easy to install, use and maintain. The manufacturing assembly distribution centers in Europe, China and the USA are proud of our worldwide leadership position. Typical applications for our solutions are construction sites, material transfer points, recycling yards, quarries, mines, steel and cement plants etc.

Our worldwide based experts are always ready to develop together with you a cost effective solution to solve your track out and dust problems. For more information please select below your prefered language and website.