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MobyDick News

17.05.18 09:10

Successful handover of a MobyDick Self Supporting Platform

On Wednesday 09.05 a newly developed MobyDick Self Supporting platform for dust control was finally...
20.10.17 15:35

FRUTIGER Rebranding

We are proud to announce that FRUTIGER Company is presenting itself in a new way.  About...
04.09.17 13:18

Steinexpo 2017 – A complete success

This year was the 10 year anniversary of the Steinexpo. FRUTIGER was there to exhibit also for the...

Wheel Washing System MobyDick Dragon

wheel washing system Dragon

The MobyDick Dragon (int. pat. pending) is an effective, compact and economically priced Wheel Washing System for applications where the degree of truck wheel soiling is not too heavy or where there are dust control issues.

The Dragon is an eleven foot drive through tire wash with an integrated water recycling tank and automatic sludge removal via a scraper conveyor system. Installation of the Dragon is very quick and easy.



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