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Dust Control

MobyDick News

17.05.18 09:10

Successful handover of a MobyDick Self Supporting Platform

On Wednesday 09.05 a newly developed MobyDick Self Supporting platform for dust control was finally...
20.10.17 15:35

FRUTIGER Rebranding

We are proud to announce that FRUTIGER Company is presenting itself in a new way.  About...
04.09.17 13:18

Steinexpo 2017 – A complete success

This year was the 10 year anniversary of the Steinexpo. FRUTIGER was there to exhibit also for the...

Advantage through leading technology

MobyDick Dust Binding Systems operate on the principle of binding dust using tiny water droplets. Unlike conventional systems that generate large or different size droplets with low-pressure pumps, MobyDick Dust Binding Systems use a high-quality specialty pump (20-25 bar) and a suitable nozzle to create a water mist with a large number of tiny water droplets (MD Cannon 50: 50 μ to 150 μ outdoors and 20 μ to 80 μ indoors).  

Small  water droplets work more efficiently because, in addition to having greater numbers and a homogene-ous size due to the lower airspeed and rate of falling, they also stay in the air longer. This results in a decrea-sed suction effect around the droplets, which allows them to reliably attach to the dust particles and drop them to the ground. This technology makes it possible to use water very efficiently for dust control.