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Dust Control

MobyDick News

10.01.19 10:17

FRUTIGER goes Korea!

New year, new sales location. On January 3rd 2019 our new sales office in Pyeong-taek (Korea)...
10.12.18 09:11

MobyDick helps to keep Chinese cities clean!

MobyDick wheel washing systems are a common sight in Europe on well-organized construction sites....
10.12.18 08:50

FRUTIGER/MobyDick at Bauma China

Shanghai 27.11. – 30.11. 2019Bauma China, organized by Messe München, is the largest construction...

MobyDick Dust Control Line - Options

The following choice of standart options have been successfully used for many applications and offers you the possibility to configurate the canon exactly for your needs. 

Lifting Bracket

The lifting bracket allows easy handling of the cannon with an excavator or crane.  

Remote Control

With this option the cannon can be controlled wirelessly from a distance of up to 400m. 

Water Cutoff Valve

The valve cuts off the water supply when the pump is not in use. This will prevent water from running out.

Electric Vertical Movement

Included in the standard equipment is a manual adjustment of elevation. Equipped with an electric engine, the process can be automated. 

Segmented Nozzle Ring

This option allows you to close one segment of the nozzle ring manually.  This reduces water consumption by about 50%.


On-site mobility! The cannon's wide wheels and lightweight shape prevent it from sinking into the soft soil. 


The Trailer (example image)  allows for greatest possible mobility. Also available with public road approval !


MobyDick Cannon 10 20 30 50 60 70
Lifting Bracket  -
Remote Control 
Water Cutoff Valve 
Electric Vertical Movement
Segmented Nozzle Ring -
Wheelset incl.
Trailer - -

We are happy to offer you a multitude of other options and Opens internal link in current window tailored solutions on request.