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17.05.18 09:10

Successful handover of a MobyDick Self Supporting Platform

On Wednesday 09.05 a newly developed MobyDick Self Supporting platform for dust control was finally...
20.10.17 15:35

FRUTIGER Rebranding

We are proud to announce that FRUTIGER Company is presenting itself in a new way.  About...
04.09.17 13:18

Steinexpo 2017 – A complete success

This year was the 10 year anniversary of the Steinexpo. FRUTIGER was there to exhibit also for the...

Wheel Washing and Tire washing Systems TailorMade-Line (TM-Line)

The TM-Line Wheel Washing Systems offer the largest model range, unmatched tire and wheel wash performance, closed loop water recycling and optional accessories to solve any tire cleaning and wheel-washing problem. Each TM – Line system is custom configured to a customer’s application.

To assist in the selection of the most effective MobyDick TM-Line model, water treatment system and options for your wheel, tire or chassis cleaning problem please reference our interactive Soiling Degree and Number of Trucks chart or the drop down menu in the left column .

For a budget quotation please go to Quick Offer.  MobyDick wheel wash and tire wash specialists will send you a proposal to fit your application. Our wheelwash specialists are available for site visits at your request.  

Degree of Soiling
very heavy

Roller unit